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  • 09 Apr, 2018 SALES
    Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes when setting up CRM
    Ask any salesperson about their life before having a CRM setup, and you’ll hear about how they never realized how inefficient they were before. Why? Because having a CRM software properly set up changes every aspect of ‘what’s possible’ in a sales team - and the benefits ripple out company-wide, improving customer service and satisfaction across the board. Read more
  • 05 Jun, 2017 ALL
    Salesforce Summer 17 – Top new features
    The next Salesforce release is about to be released worldwide. The Summer 17' update brings with it many enhancements to the lightning experience that many people will be cheering about! We have read through the 582 pages of release notes and are bringing you the top new features you will see when your instance is updated.Read more
  • 22 May, 2017 SMALL BUSINESS
    Exploring CRM Options – Free CRM Vs Paid CRM
    Customer Relationship Management. It’s the term used to describe intelligent business software that helps to manage and track customers (and potential customers!) through their lifetime with your business. But should your business go with a free CRM or paid version?Read more
  • 15 May, 2017 SMALL BUSINESS
    Making the First Steps with A CRM System – Preparing the Team for Change
    Employees are calling in sick, management is nervous, babies are crying, dogs barking in the background and the sky outside is bright red… Does this sound like your business when you implement changes? Don’t be afraid, we can walk you through how to prepare the team for upcoming changes to allow the team to embrace, not reject a new CRM system. As humans, we are naturally not crazy about change. It’s human nature to want stability and consistency. So, how do we naturalise change in a business environment?Read more
  • 05 May, 2017 SMALL BUSINESS
    When Does Your Business Need a CRM?
    If you have ever started a business – you know that you want to start as lean as possible. This has forced you to use applications such as Excel and Outlook to manage your entire business and client database. Pair this with a smartphone and you have a pretty good combination of software that is cheap and effective for any start-up business to find their feet. But - when do you need to take the next step?Read more
  • 23 Apr, 2017 SALES
    How Sales Cloud is Revolutionising B2B and B2C Sales
    The landscape between technology and customer relationships is evolving. The advent of cloud computing services, insights from data science and an always connected, any device configuration is pushing slow-adapting businesses behind their competition at a rate never seen before in the age of technology. The Sales Cloud is bridging this gap.Read more