Pardot Marketing Automation


Prospect Tracking

Ever wanted to know the true ROI of your digital marketing efforts?  Having trouble trying to link your Google Analytics data to your closed sales? Marketing Automation systems connected to Salesforce allow you to track your prospect from the minute they first hit your website all the way to a closed sale. Track your prospect's engagement history with your business and the true ROI of your paid marketing campaigns. Get more details about pardot marketing and pardot customization for better understanding.


Engagement Campaigns

Personalisation is important, Automation is key. Allow your team to quickly push a prospect or customer into an automated engagement campaign. Track how they engaged with each e-mail and send them down a different path based on triggers such as if they have opened the e-mail or clicked a specific link in the e-mail. We can assist you in building automated e-mail nurture campaigns from dead lead nurtures to automated customer surveys.


Landing Pages

Don't have internal web developers at your disposal? Do you need to get a marketing campaign out quickly? Marketing Automation allows you to create landing pages with either templates or a drag & drop interface. We can assist you in building templates to suit your businesses branding. Get more details about business automation and sales automation for better results.


ROI Reporting

Tracking ROI is one of the most important aspects of Marketing. With our help, we can connect your marketing automation system to your CRM, allowing you to track your prospect from the moment they visit your website for the very first time all the way to a won sale. Track ROI from specific campaigns (such as Google Adwords), Track your prospect velocity, life cycle and more.

Need Marketing Assistance?

We want your business to succeed with Salesforce. You don’t pay good money on licenses to then use multiple other systems to run your daily business. You want everything integrated and working in harmony. Get more details about business automation and sales automation for better results.
Unfortunately, some businesses spend the money on licences but not proper customisation. This leads to a system that is not adopted, not functional and not going to work.

This is where we can help. We use a 6-point implementation plan to ensure that your business has support before, during and after an implementation:

  • 1Needs Discovery
  • 2Project Plan
  • 3Project Implementation
  • 4System Review
  • 5User Training
  • 6After-Implementation Support
We use a 6-point
implementation plan
Let's meet

We can help you build your businesses long term marketing plan. For more details get in touch with a Pardot Marketing Automation, Sales Force Automation, Business Automation, Pardot Customization, Sales Automation,  & Customization expert.