Salesforce Training Melbourne

Get More ROI From Salesforce With Our Training & Support

Using Salesforce as your business’ dedicated CRM system is the first step to truly streamlining your business’ operations. Whether you’re using it for sales, marketing or accounting purposes, it’s important that you understand exactly how your business can benefit from the platform.

As every business using Salesforce will have different needs, wants and constraints, you need a dedicated Salesforce partner that will tailor a training program aimed at what’s most important for you and your staff. This is where SOL Business Solutions comes in.

Why Salesforce Training?

If every member of your workforce is not using Salesforce correctly, then are you getting true value out of it? Depending on their role in your company, they might need rudimentary training or a more in-depth education. You need a partner who can accurately gauge your company’s needs and adequately tailor a training program that meets them. As a business that exclusively specialises in Salesforce, we’re able to keep up-to-date on all the developments to ensure you’re never behind on the latest features. Ultimately, we can offer you the most efficient and comprehensive Salesforce training available.

How We Support You

We provide dedicated support for Salesforce so should you encounter any problem, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a suitable solution as soon as possible. Being based in Melbourne, we can help you in real time and with no offshore delays. We’re equipped with a team of Salesforce certified consultants, developers and industry professionals, which means we can support you on everything from basic Salesforce questions to in-depth customisations.

Always Ahead Of The Pack

Not only are we always up-to-speed on the latest developments and initiatives released by Salesforce, but we’re also dedicated to developing our own Salesforce integrations that will benefit your business in a number of ways. By connecting external databases, marketing platforms, accounting software and more, we can help streamline your data and processes to reduce man hours and costly resources spent on these tasks.

We’re Registered ISV Partners

As a registered internet service vendor for Salesforce, we have the necessary training, tools and resources to fulfil your business’s Salesforce compliance, security and infrastructural needs. It also means that we’re continually meeting certain quality standards so that we can keep this label – and that we’re invested in keeping our customer service and satisfaction at a highest level.