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  • 19 Mar, 2020 Business Efficiency
    Working from home – our advice

    If you have never worked from home before - it can be a difficult thing to begin. Whilst its great to be working in the comfort of your own home, you still need to get your work done throughout the day like you have been in the office, but how? This is the advice that we follow internally and can be used by any business as a guideline.

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  • 30 Nov, 2018 Business Efficiency
    Customising Salesforce For Maximum Business Efficiency

    CRM platforms are an essential requirement of any business, letting you collect, analyse, store and retrieve information as well as make better business decisions by improving sales and keeping customers satisfied. Implementing a CRM is a strategic decision, and none require as much consideration and customisation as Salesforce does. It is an incredibly powerful tool that helps businesses efficiently streamline all of their marketing processes. Here’s how customising it will go a long way to serve your business and your sales team.

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