summer19 realease thumb - Summer 19' Release

Salesforce Summer 19′ was just rolled out to all users over the weekend. Instead of going through the 500+ pages of release notes, check out the best hand picked features for you below!

Power Up Your Related Lists with Enhanced Related Lists (BETA)

Transitioning from Classic to Lightning can be difficult, especially when you look at the related list views changing from 10 columns to cards. In this release, Salesforce has added an option to show ‘enhanced’ related lists which can show up to 10 columns, resize and sort your columns, perform mass actions, and wrap text.

Enhanced List - Summer 19' Release
Enhanced Lists can show more columns instead of cards.

View Records Using Full View & Set Org Defaults for How Activities Display on Record Pages (BETA)

Another feature designed to assist with the transition from Classic to Lightning is the ‘Full View’ feature. The ‘full view’ feature lists the record details and the related lists all on a single page, rather than multiple tabs across the activities, related lists and details.

You can also change the activity feed to replicate the ‘Open Activities’ and ‘Activity History’ lists in classic rather than the new activity timeline.

Classic Activity - Summer 19' Release
The Classic Activity Feed in Lightning

Keep Sales Quotas in Sight with a Few Clicks in Lightning Experience

Sales quotas in the forecasting modules were always difficult to update in Salesforce. It involved installing 3rd party applications and uploading the forecasts via an app. You can now edit the quotas in Salesforce lightning directly via the setup page.

Quotas - Summer 19' Release
Assign Quotas to Forecasting, no additional applications needed.

Add Opportunity Contact Roles More Efficiently in Lightning Experience

A small nuisance in lightning was adding contact roles to an opportunity. When you went to choose the contact, it just showed your recently access contacts and you would have to type in the name of the contact role to find them. Now, it will automatically show the contacts from the account in the contact roles list. All you have to do is assign them a role, choose the primary contact and save it.

ContactRoles - Summer 19' Release
Easier Contact Roles

Show What You Mean in Emails with Images

In this release, the email composer has been updated to allow images to be added to the body of the email. In the editor, you can select an image from your computer or the internet to insert. This could be handy to create an email signature to save as a template for your users to use in all outgoing communications.

Email Images - Summer 19' Release
Add Images to Email Body

Choose to Get Task Notifications by Email

There is now an option in Salesforce to have emails sent to users when they are assigned a task from another user., which means no more need to build a custom automations to have your reps notified.

Task Emails - Summer 19' Release
Email reminders for assigned tasks

See Files Attached to Email Messages in the Case’s Files Related List

One of the difficulties using Salesforce files in the service cloud was that you could not see where the images / attachments came from, especially from inbound email messages. You would have files appear that were in-line images such as signatures mixed with attachments. Now, in the files related list you have a field which shows you where the source of the file was to easily identity in-line images VS attachments.

Attachments - Summer 19' Release
See the source of attached files in lightning