Winter20 - Salesforce Winter 20' Release Breakdown

Over the weekend, Salesforce updated to the new Winter 20′ Release. As usual, we have compiled the best new features for you to start using from today!

If you want to access the full release notes, please see this link.

Access the recycle bin in Salesforce Lightning

You no longer have to switch to Salesforce Classic to access the Recycle Bin. You can now view, restore, and permanently delete the items in your Recycle Bin and the org Recycle Bin.

Recycle Bin - Salesforce Winter 20' Release Breakdown
The new Recycle Bin Object in Lightning

New Mobile Experience

The New Salesforce Mobile App QuickStart is your one-stop shop for a seamless upgrade to the new Salesforce mobile app experience.

Learn about convenient and powerful new features available to you and your users. Turn on mobile configuration options in Lightning App Builder. Update your existing apps and pages for mobile with a few clicks. And when you’re ready, give your users access to the new Salesforce mobile app.

New Mobile App 1024x526 - Salesforce Winter 20' Release Breakdown
Set up the new mobile application in Lightning

Quote & Product Line Sorting in Lightning

Sales reps can easily sort quote line items in the order they want. Their preferred sort order is also updated in related opportunities and

PDF quotes when they are synced. Previously, quote line item sorting was available only in Salesforce Classic.

Sorting2 - Salesforce Winter 20' Release Breakdown
Sort from Opportunities and Quotes
Sorting - Salesforce Winter 20' Release Breakdown
Sort your products for opportunities and quotes in Lightning

Find Email File Attachments in One Click

Now it’s easy to send files as an email attachment. When reps choose files to attach to an email, they can use the new Related Files link.

Click the link to show all the files that are part of the record. This feature applies to all activity-enabled objects, such as leads, contacts, person accounts, opportunities, cases, and custom objects.

Attachments - Salesforce Winter 20' Release Breakdown
Find files directly related to the record for email attachments.

New Activity Timeline

Now your sales reps have a complete view of all their activities. Up to 2,000 activities, including archived activities, are visible in the activity timeline and the Activity History related list. To refer to an activity’s details, reps can open the activity. Previously, they could only view archived activities, not interact with them.

NewTimeline 1024x719 - Salesforce Winter 20' Release Breakdown
Updated activity timeline

Add Tabs and Accordion Components to Your Home Pages

You can now use the Tabs and Accordion components on Home pages in Lightning Experience. You can create, update, and delete tabs, then change their order. Or, use the Accordion component to organize your components into collapsible sections. For both Tabs and Accordion, you can configure the tabs or sections that your users see, name them whatever you like, and add components.

Count Unique Values in Report Results (Beta)

See how many distinct values your report returns with a unique count. For example, opportunity reports often list multiple opportunities with the same account. Add a unique count to the Account Name column to see how many individual account values appear in the report. Unique counts appear as grand totals at the bottom of the report and as subtotals for each group.

Unqiue - Salesforce Winter 20' Release Breakdown
Count Unique Values in a report

Printable View for Lists

You don’t have to print your entire screen just to make a hard copy of your list. Generate a condensed, minimalist, ink-saving view of
your lists and related lists with Printable View.

Printable - Salesforce Winter 20' Release Breakdown
Printable View for Lists