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The next Salesforce release is about to be released worldwide. The Summer 17′ update brings with it many enhancements to the lightning experience that many people will be cheering about! We have read through the 582 pages of release notes and are bringing you the top new features you will see when your instance is updated.

This weekend, Salesforce instances will be updated to the Summer 17′ release of Salesforce. You can see the specific upgrade time of your instance on the Salesforce Partners website.

In this release, there are many welcome enhancements to the platform both visually and under the hood. Here are our top picks:

Updated Activity Timeline

Quickly read the details of related activity information with the new activity timeline. You can now expand or collapse all activity related details.rn sales productivity activity timeline annotated - Salesforce Summer 17 - Top new features

Updates to the Lightning Assistant Interface

The assistant interface will change slightly to allow you to easily see more activity from the homepage.

home assistant revamp - Salesforce Summer 17 - Top new features

Relate Accounts to Leads Faster with Account Matching

When sales users convert leads, if the lead company name matches any of your accounts, it’s quick and easy to choose one of the matching accounts.

Previously in Lightning Experience, if there was a single exact match between the lead company name and an existing account name, the account populated the Account Name field during lead conversion. New account matching brings Lightning Experience in line with Salesforce Classic.

  • Support for person accounts—If the lead contains a company name, we search business accounts. If there is no company name, we search person accounts instead.
  • Enhanced type ahead—Type-ahead search in the Account Name field now searches across all accounts rather than searching only the user’s recently used accounts.
  • Multiple match—When a user clicks the Account Name field during lead conversion, a dropdown menu includes a list of all accounts that match the lead’s company name. If the lead does not have a company name, the list contains matching person accounts.

Finally a ‘Today’ option in the Date Picker

One small nuisance in the lightning experience ‘date’ fields is that there is no option to easily select today’s date. This is fixed in the Summer 17 Release.

field datepicker - Salesforce Summer 17 - Top new features


When creating a contact within an Account, the account details are transferred

When sales reps create contacts from either the Contacts or Related Contacts related list on account records, the mailing address, phone number, and fax number from the account record are autopopulated on the new contact. This change applies to Lightning Experience and all versions of the Salesforce1 mobile app.

Subscribe Other People to Reports

Do you find that your team are not look at reports? You are now able to subscribe other users to reports in Salesforce (if you have the right permissions to do so).

rd reports subscribe - Salesforce Summer 17 - Top new features

Other enhancements:

  • Field History lists are now visible in the lightning experience.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now available in lightning, use ‘CTRL + /’  (PC) or ‘CMD + /’ (MAC) to see options.
  • Standard Picklist values now able to be promoted to global picklists.
  • Files and attachments are transferred after a lead is converted


There you have it! The top new features in the Summer 17 release of Salesforce. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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