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The Salesforce Summer 16 Release focuses on major upgrades to the Sales Cloud.

New Editions, Feature changes and automation on professional edition are some of the major features in the new release.

The full release notes can be found here.

New Salesforce Editions:

Salesforce are rolling out major changes to the licence structures, and it is all beneficial for you, the customer.

Over the next few weeks (if you have not already), your Salesforce licences will be automatically upgraded.

The biggest changes are to Professional Edition, which now grants you access to Workflow Automation, which was previously only available in Enterprise Edition.

  • Group edition is no longer available to purchase for new instances. Replaced with SalesforceIQ CRM.
  • Professional Edition -> Lightning Professional
    • Changes:
      • Up to 5 Automation workflows!!
      • Custom Profiles and Page Layouts
      • Access to Record Types to separate fields in your objects.
  • Enterprise Edition -> Lightning Enterprise
    • Changes:
      • Customisable sales console
      • Partial Sandbox
      • Mobile two-factor authentication

Associate Contacts with Multiple Accounts:

You are new able to associate a single contact with Multiple Accounts.

Lightning Experience Only

Enhanced E-mail: E-mail from your Gmail or Office 365 Account

Enhanced e-mail allows you to send e-mail directly from your Gmail or Office365 E-mail account. The sent e-mails will sync with your chosen provider and appear in your sent items. Also released is the new E-mail Object, a totally separate object for salesforce that allows you to compose and view e-mails you have sent via Salesforce.

Customise the Lightning Experience Record Pages

Finally, we are able to customise Lightning Experience Record Pages!

Customise the Lightning Experience Home Page

Maximize the relevance of the Home page for different types of users. Don’t need the performance chart or Top Deals for your service reps? Then assign them a different Home page that shows new cases and top pain points. Customize the default Home page, and assign custom pages for different profiles.

Opportunity Products: Find products easier

Available within two weeks of the release, when sales reps select ‘Add Product’ on the product related list, they see a list of up to 5 products that they have recently added to new opportunities.

E-mail Tasks: New Formatting

Any e-mails you log via the lightning experience will actually format like a proper e-mail.

Notes Now Support Rich Text

Self-explanatory, but you can store notes with HTML / Rich Text!

E-mail Integration Enhancements

E-mail Tasks: New Formatting

Any e-mails you log via the lightning experience will actually format like a proper e-mail.

Microsoft / Outlook Sidebar Changes

New Name: Lightning for Outlook (Still works with Salesforce Classic)

Major Changes: Maximises space for Outlook 2016, Now Available in Group and Professional Editions.

Exchange Sync Changes

New Name: Lightning Sync (Still works with Salesforce Classic)

Major Changes: Sync Contacts and Events (Generally Avaliable), Reps can choose which events sync to Salesforce

Mobile (Salesforce1):

Change a Record Owner using an Action

A new action has been added which will quickly allow you a change a record owner

Select a Record Type When Creating a New Record

Finally, when you try to create a new record you will be prompted to choose a record type (if they are set up in your organisation)

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