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The landscape between technology and customer relationships is evolving. The advent of cloud computing services, insights from data science and an always connected, any device configuration is pushing slow-adapting businesses behind their competition at a rate never seen before in the age of technology. The Sales Cloud is bridging this gap.

If you think about how much more your smartphone can do than your old mobile phone, this gives some sort of indication of how much smarter CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can be than your current solution. If you currently work with Outlook, LinkedIn, Excel, Word, Gmail, and other unconnected apps for sales management, then perhaps the Salesforce Sales Cloud is for you.

The Sales Cloud is just one of the core products of Salesforce, the one of the leading providers of platform software for B2B and B2C sales. Sales Cloud -, the intelligent, comprehensive offering from Salesforce, focuses on the sales pipeline (or sales funnel, if that’s more your jam), whereas other products include Service Cloud, for customer service support, and Marketing Cloud for marketing automation.

Businesses using Sales Cloud reported a 29% increase in revenue when using the platform[1]

Whether your business is a solo effort or 1000 employees, you can benefit from taking advantage of a powerful tool like the Sales Cloud. Customers who use the platform report significantly increased win rates, lead conversion, forecast accuracy and sales productivity, which all adds up where it really counts: increased revenue.

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Average increases reported by users after adopting the Sales Cloud

How does Sales Cloud work?

It is a platform which can be used on any device, including laptops, mobile, and tablets. It can support any number of users – at the same time. All your customer sales data (and more!) is stored in the cloud, so information can be reached by anyone, at any time, so long as they have an internet connection (there are also some offline capabilities, too).

The platform can run multiple reports and dashboards that can be configured to show what you want, when and where you want it. Have you ever wanted to take that holiday overseas and sit by the beach but too worried about the work you are leaving behind? The Sales Cloud allows you to keep up-to-date with how the business is operating in real time.

How can the Sales Cloud benefit your B2B or B2C business?

  • Increase productivity
  • Provide greater transparency between management and sales staff
  • Track prospective customers through their journey to current, happy customers
  • Automate repetitive tasks in the sales and marketing pipeline, such as emails and quotes
  • Provide complete customer overview and all communications at a glance
  • Monitor strength of leads and staff performance
  • Forecast sales
  • Generate reports

What can it do? A few of the Sales Cloud features:

Contact management

With complete communication history, contacts within the organisation, insights from external websites, current lead status, and more.

Opportunity management

Including the customer timeline, email management, auto-generated quotes, sales forecasting, and deal updates distributed to key staff.

Intelligent email and scheduling

Sync Salesforce with your email for complete integration, get updated contact details automatically, share calendars to allow customers to automatically schedule meetings, and check if customers have read your emails.

Sales Collaboration

Engage in social business collaboration through a feed, including team chat, files, experts, groups, and topics, searching and tracking, with insights to recommend the right people, files, and more to help you out, based on your activity.

Lead management

Discover new contact information and updates, view documents, track where leads came from and discover customer insights. Assign leads to the right people for follow ups and track email marketing campaign success.

And more…

Here at Sol Business Solutions, we help you to take the first steps with Sales Cloud and Salesforce. We guide your business through the initial implementation and setup, through to automating repetitive tasks, all tailored expertly to your business requirements and sales pain points. We know the Sales Cloud and the revolutionary effect that it can have on your sales pipeline. Contact us to find out just what Sales Cloud can do for you.

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[1] Source: Salesforce Customer Relationship Survey conducted May 2016 – August 2016 among 1,400+ customers randomly selected.  Response sizes per question vary.